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Pharm D. RYT (See above and below for laundry lists of credentials.)

From the time she could fit into her first pair of Sambas, Dr. Cody Gao spent her childhood playing competitive soccer. However, in 2008, the former fit athlete found herself quite sedentary amid the rigors of studying at pharmacy school and working to support herself. In order to relieve stress and maintain fitness during the intense 6 year program, she decided to take yoga classes. And thus began Cody’s intense love affair with all that is yoga. After graduating with her Pharm D. in 2014, she then began intense study of Yogic practices, and became a certified teacher in 2017. Cody’s passion to regain health and fitness, and her desire to share what she knows with those around her have led her to take the next step of her life journey. In 2019, Cody gave up her job as a Nuclear Pharmacist to pursue her dream of sharing with others the healing power of movement and yoga.



Dr. David Gao Pharm D, MBA, RYT, ACE, Pn1, FRCms.

Hey I'm David. I guess an ice breaker is fitting here, right?

Here's two truths and a lie. I have the wonderful opportunity to start a business/community with my wife and best friend. I'm a huge geek and a biohacker.  And I can run a 3 minute mile. 

Now onto my nutrition journey. I’m a cancer pharmacist turned nutritionist & personal trainer. My transition into wellness and longevity was motivated by a string of surprise diagnoses within my family. My godmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed five years later. My aunt had nasopharyngeal cancer, was treated successfully, and is currently in remission. The hit closest to home was that of my father, who has type 2 diabetes. Witnessing one of his hypoglycemic episodes was both emotionally and viscerally jarring. 

These experiences I had seemed to be the norm for an adult in their 20s. As loved ones age, one comes to expect news of their illness and disease. This idea was unsettling. I did not want my future children to have the same experience.

I began to view my family's medical history as potential futures I would live into, if I did not make the necessary changes to my current lifestyle. I shifted my focus to food. It made sense: good input meant good output (and by a large margin, it was the largest input). Food ultimately becomes information for one's own genetic expression. 

After learning of the exponential rise of healthcare costs after the age of 70, I became curious about longevity. That segued to a cascade of research and self-experimentation. I examined and tried numerous diets (including paleo, keto, whole food plant based diet [WFPBD], veganism, vegetarianism, lacto-ovo-pescetarianism, and the Mediterranean diet) and committed to derive value from each modality. I dove deep into the concepts of longevity, biohacking and fringy sciences. 


LMT, NASM CPT, FRC Mobility Specialist, & FR Release.

Boris grew up in Brooklyn, NY and spent much of his younger years playing team sports and as a student of Tae Kwon Do. Already, he was exposed to many athletic modalities that manifested later down the line into a diversified skill set and an interest in broader, holistic physical and mental development. After a crippling Rugby injury, he realized he had to let go of team sports and this led him to a personal, dedicated rock climbing and yoga practice. In the process and through many years of research, he learned to heal his injury and develop a foundation in strength and mobility that he found transferred into other physical domains. Thus began his exploration into contemporary dance, grappling, Functional Range Conditioning, Ido Portal Method, and House dance. As his own methodology develops, he desires to expose students to the same richness of movement and empower them to be creative, aware and knowledgeable with their own training and practice.

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