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Mini Intro Program

Get a taste of what its like to embark on a journey of gaining movement complexity. Our trainer Boris will walk you through several basic movement lessons. Have fun!


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Locomotion Intensive

Level 1

Learn fundamental patterns found across multiple disciplines that offer a chance to develop endurance and mobility in the lower body, torso integration, coordination and overcoming mental challenges that will leave the practitioner feeling strong, supple, open, and more connected with her or his body.


June 5th- June 26th

Locomotion Intensive

Level 2

Introduction to soft acrobatics. If you've completed our level 1 intensive, welcome to level 2! If you have an existing locomotion practice/ previous experience our level 2 intensive is for you!


“Thank you so much for this. Only 1 week in idk i'm just so glad I did this and I also feel like I didn't pay enough for it lol"

Misty / Massage Therapist

“Finding the balance between structure and play. I've been taking steps away from leaning too much towards the side of structure these days. I find it's best to learn the foundations and apply it in real time so that whatever results is uniquely yours. Grateful for your teachings. "

Diana / Nurse

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