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We are a fitness community aiming to help our members move better and expand their toolbox. We believe moving better means living better. We offer customized coaching and guidance.  Our aim is to teach our students to become self sufficient.  Our students define their goals, lay out the needed steps and go after it! Let us know what you are after!

What is a Movement practice?

Movement training is an unlimited approach to fitness: do what you want to do with everything in your arsenal. It's about not limiting yourself with arbitrary niches and not having a restricting approach to expressing your body.

Different movement arts such as dance, martial arts, gymnastics, acrobatics, strength sports, athletics and general fitness all have something unique and useful to teach.

Movement training is about realizing that you can take useful and fun elements from everywhere and fit them into your training. This way the results can also be very interesting since you aren't limited by the exercise repertoire of your "sport". 

I changed/converted from weight lifting to movement because movement seemed more sustainable and expansive.  It was broadly applicable.  And it demanded more than just one dimension of me.  And in return I saw growth in multiple dimensions.  In a word it's a craft.  The more you work on it the more expression and creativity spills out.


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